Reflection Blog #6

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My Reflection Blog#3

This weekend I had 2 objectives. I had to create a Pinterest board and add more than 20 Pin’s to it and then share it on my like page on Facebook “Healthier Happier Life” and on my Twitter “Rob Eggers“. They are actually connected so one could call that cheating or working smarter. I chose the latter.  I’ve actually been using Pinterest for sometime now. Mostly just to look at things, share some positive quotes and healthy recipes. I had never really thought of using it to become more influential or to get people to come to my other sites until this class.  So I decided that I wanted to see how many likes I could get and/or followers just by posting “Check out my new board on Pinterest!!! #Isagenix” Additionally within the second objective I decided to also share my “Positive Quotes and Motivations” board as well. If I don’t get them interested with one than I figure maybe the other! I’m here to help people change there lives and lifestyles. Any bit of inspiration or education I can be can only help the cause I figure. #thebiggerpicture. Due to time constraints I didn’t get to test this very well but I will continue to look at it over the days to come. I would love any feedback from any of you asked how you share with people and how you get him interested in things you do. Or if there’s anything that I could blog about that would help you live a healthier happier life then I’d love to talk about it. I do consider myself a solution ist . This is just the beginning of Holly in 10 to share positive healthy inches plane good things with the world there’s a lot more to come.

From The Man Pan

From The Man Pan. Yes, that is what I’ve decided to name my blog. This is my first attempt at an actual blog in which case my objective this week was to implement the feed back I’ve received to utilize hash tags and keywords along with sharing my post on Facebook and Twitter to see what kind of response it garners. You see, being a guy who used to eat terribly, weighed 250 lbs at 5’9 and didn’t know the first thing about nutrition and now I’ve grown into a 195 lb guy who’s currently a Health & Lifestyle Coach with Isagenix helping others reach their health goals. Through my journey I’ve learned a couple of things… First off, if you want to eat healthy you have to plan. If your planning that means planning meals. If you’re planning meals they have to taste good and you must have a little bit of variance in order to not get bored. If you get bored you won’t make a change. If you don’t change you won’t create a new lifestyle and if you don’t create a new lifestyle then there is no change and it’s not sustainable.  Of course we’re all subjected to all sorts of quick and easy unhealthy fast food options that can be pretty darn appealing when you’re in a hurry and you haven’t planned. Not to mention, I don’t really recall guys being typically known to be the biggest on meal planning, especially if you’re a single guy. Your always cooking for one for the most part. Another thing is, It’s increasingly difficult to  come up with interesting meals that are A. Healthy B. Taste Good and C. Are easy to make (Especially when you’re cooking for one) So, I’ve created this blog to dedicate to The Man Pan. What’s The Man Pan? For me it’s a 12 in electric skillet or a crock pot? This can even be a grill or done on the stove top or camp fire outside. The main point is creating something that is appealing to us guys. I’m going to highlight not only easy, healthy, great tasting meals guys can make for themselves. I’m going to focus on meals that come From The Man Pan. This blog won’t have just your normal everyday healthier version of Sloppy Joe’s either mind you. No… no… no… I’ll be sharing with you my own creations as well as recipes I find on Pinterest or even in a Clean Eating Magazine. Only difference is… we’re gonna MAN IT UP! I mean, we’re men right? We work all day, have stuff to do around the house, gotta work out and of course there’s our leisure time. Who has time to cook??? I have news for you… YOU DO! Just to give you a taste of the sort of thing I may be featuring let’s just start with one of my favorites and one of the most versatile basis I incorporate into my dishes. It’s from our Amazingly beautiful inside and out friend Lori Harder over at BusyGirlHealthyLife. She has all sorts of healthy alternatives! Check her out and stay tuned in the weeks to come as I highlight all sorts of goodness in the coming weeks. Til next time, From The Man Pan. Eat Clean, Eat Quick and Eat Good!

Lori Harder-Busy Girl Healthy Life

Italian Turkey Sausage

MAY 29, 2012 BY BGHL

16 oz Lean Ground Turkey
2 tsp olive oil
½ tsp Garlic Powder
2 tsp Italian Seasoning
2 T. Fennel Seed
½ tsp Red Pepper Flakes
½ tsp Smokey Paprika
¼ tsp Ground Cayenne Pepper (optional)
Salt & Pepper to taste

A poem

I look out at a place back in time, illusions, visions were distorted I was speeding through my mind. Blinding streaks of color, sound had become my friend. I hear everything… everything I feel is in my head, a numbness.. a rage.. where feelings and thoughts collide. An orgasmic radiation of the potential inside… Unthought laughter a smile ten miles wide…I’m on a magic ride through space… I just.. closed my eyes

My First Blog Experience

Hi, my name is Robert Eggers and THIS is “My First Blog Experience”  I started out this experience with an objective in mind. I mean, I was gonna need something to write about right? My objective consisted of me mearly adding 25 followers on Twitter to see how many followers I subsequently gained off of them without doing anything more other than just posting. I did this in an effort to gauge what I might get from adding a certain amount of hand picked people in a given circle of influence. I started of my search with the keyword #homeopathy and added all of my followers from that category as I thought they may be influential in that practice. At the time I was following 230 people and I had 96 followers. My objective was to gain at least 35 followers by class the following Tuesday. The thought was, this would give me a good baseline to start from and give me a chance to see how this works first hand. Thus far I’m sitting at 103 followers so…I don’t believe the follow back method is working in my favor currently. I also came to find that as I added these potentially influential business’s with like interests that many of them were using a service called “True Twit” It’s a validation service to make sure you’re not a bot. I’m thinking of trying it myself but I must read on further. During this first objective I know that I didn’t put forth a whole lot of effort. However, that was sort of the point. I wanted to see what something so small could accomplish with such a large audience available. After I was followed I continued on to my account on Klout to see how influential any of them are. Unfortunately, what I came to find out was that the highest one out of them wasn’t more than a 49. Heck, I’m a 61. I don’t think this matters entirely in this particular field however given it is a somewhat niche’ market. I’v been on Twitter for a while now but I had never really used it. Even thought this first test was not very successful I can see now how great of an asset it can be. It’s going to be very time consuming but also very rewarding given the fact that the reach is so much more than that of Facebook. Although I didn’t reach my objective  on this occasion; I certainly look forward to the journey that lyes ahead as I become an influencer for health, wellness and positive thinking globally. I am what I like to call a “Solutionist” and I look forward to Tweeting my wisdom as I continue to learn and grow as well as create a network of like minded people. So, although this experiment didn’t go that well… There will be plenty more to come. If any of you wanna try doing something similar I’d love to hear what sort of results you got!! Share your secrets to success!